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Building a home – more than a destination
Building a home – more than a destination

Building a home – more than a destination,the15 year old yurt
Yurt on a deck

While the opportunity to build a home could be viewed as the intended outcome. Unbeknown to us, when the winds of change moved us in the direction to self build a home  we were taken on a journey, beyond its original intention. Our vision, became  a vehicle to  forge new stories for the present.

This may sound whimsical, particularly in reference to building a house, however as we began to vision our home one and half years ago, what we didn’t anticipate was that we would come face to face with centuries of history tied to the misuse of human intelligence and the insidious control of  land & shelter.

We encountered adverse patterns woven into our current models of land ownership deeply rooted in history, which are  designed in such a way,  that it is unavoidable not to create the kind of crisis,  people  historically & currently encounter when it comes to accessing secure land/home tenure.

Our experience,  not limited to  the detrimental patterns of societal governance,  but more pertinantly in the realisation ~ that if we continue to support these patterns, when we know they create suffering, we will further distort our own innate intelligence, away from our natural state of being – peace & health.

Originally our vision was to create solutions to unsustainable land & building practice. If we were to uphold these values, this also required that we unravel ourselves from the deeply ingrained patterns enabling it. We had no choice but to set down fundamental values,  which we felt would limit our contribution to the housing & enviornmental crisis, which in turn would liberate us from the misuse  of our innate intelligence.

How did we do this?  We put our trust above the current societal system of governance and moved our energy into natural law ~(a principle or body of laws considered as derived from nature, right reason, or religion and as ethically binding in human society.) Natural law– acknowledges that all human beings have the right to shelter and land.

With this shift of consciousness ~we trusted that what we would  seek would find us ~ with discernment we moved into a state of becoming clear,  which in turn revealed a freedom, which initially seemed impossible

Impossible; because  we had to  avoid the myriad of globalist structures that are currently dominating fair & reasonable access to  ownership of land & homes, while navigating the heavily regulated building codes, that  hinder potential solutions and creativity.

Impossible; because Aotearoa has contracted  affluenza. Extreme inequality through consumerism perpetrated by the misuse of land & housing, purposely controlled for economics. It is shameful that folk are getting wealthier, through land & house hoarding, and seeking insane capital gains (money for nothing) through property,  while increasing numbers of people don’t have secure tenure,  and living in relative poverty. With so much wealth accrued from real estate, this model of economics at its core is criminal.

abundant.earthThe question we need to ask ourselves is why have we allowed the moral & human need for shelter, our core need for nature & natural resources, become a financial commodity that can be bought and sold? Is it ethically aligned to use a basic human need & nature to create an “economic market” for the purpose of accruing wealth?

In respect to our communities  when you look around at the current global economic trend to develop precious land resources in an unsustainable urban growth model, what do you see? Diversity, creativity? Opportunities to experiment with new ideas for living that may offer solutions to the current crisis?  No, they all look the same. People conforming to look the same.  Creativity stifled, on many levels, constrained by the infiltration of the globalists.  Whom seem to be lawless & transcend nation’s borders. Weaving their geopolitical  networks to create centralised governments, which in turn enable  corporations, the elite and banks  to hold power  over land use and housing in any country that has been forced to open borders to these agendas.

Our vision is to live in a diverse, community, which is accepting and supports a healthy freedom for all to flourish. To support criminal economics is not that.

Yet; despite the odds  our trust in something bigger than a broken & corrupt system paid off. Moving forward has meant that the place, for which we were seeking did in fact find us.

Which has given us the freedom to dust off the 15-year-old Jaia yurt. A space we can live in while we learn about what the land wants, what kind of structure will mutually benefit, get a feel for the community , natural & human. Easing into the next steps towards self-building a shelter we can call home.