reinventing the kiwi quarter acre
creating organic space
what we do

what we do

we offer consultation for creating a landscaping system for a specific space, working where possible to incorporate the natural systems within the environment, enhancing and building fauna and flora habitat.

if you want a little more, we offer a service of garden development focusing upon edibles (orchard & veges), feng shui, permaculture and biodynamics. All our systems are chemical free for your well being and that of the property and natural surrounds.

If you have any further queries or to schedule an appointment to create harmonious arrangements with the land around you, please send a message via this link collaborate with our clients to develop a landscape scenario for their home environment. our focus moves beyond the generic landscaping features <p>into polycultural gardening systems that produce habitats for fauna and food for the kitchen, all the while creating a beautiful space in which to relax, enjoy and entertain. <a href=””> <strong>more info.</strong></a>