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Why a food forest?
Why a food forest?

Why a food forest?

foodforest is a reflection of what we have identified as important in our lives. Ultimately we aim to do our best, and our best is directed in ways to transcend disease, dependency, disharmony.  States of being we strive to move away from in favour for returning to routines, work and rituals that cultivate peace & positive life affirming patterns.

The routine & work required to grow our own food is one such life creating pattern, which we view as an integral well-being tool. One which enhances our life in many ways,  it is our supermarket, our doctor and place that uplifts the spirit.

The Vedic sciences show us that our mind is sensitive to impressions, in other words what we expose our senses to has a direct impact on our health. From this perspective if we are connected to the source of energy that nourishes our body, via our sensory input, such as the smells and beauty that is nature and the food we eat, this  experience feeds our life force before we even taste it.

Then there is the magic that happens between human DNA, seeds and soil. When we walk barefoot on the land we live upon, touch and even use our saliva to coat the seeds with our unique constitution, there is a truly remarkable symbiosis which sees the soil and plants respond to what our body needs.

In a garden, plants will adapt according to our constitutions,  and medicine appears in the form of many plants, precisely  at the right time. We have experienced this often and use the plants as a guide for seasonal cleansing allies. There is no such thing as a weed in our garden.

Growing food is an investment we will never regret!  We have made a conscious choice to work for our food,  rather than work to buy food. Not only does this action lead to a greater appreciation of life, we are doing our best to heal the living enviornment by invoking practices and power that serve as positive examples.