Turn off the news & build a garden

we love vinyl

“Turn off the news and build a garden. Just my neighbourhood and me. We might feel a bit less hardened. we might feel a bit more free. Turn off the news and raise your kids. Give them something to believe in. Teach them how to be good people. Give them hope they can see. Hope that they can see.” – Lyrics from “Turn off the news ” Lucas Nelson & the promise of the real

Although Tim & I have common ground with many meaningful life choices when it comes to music, we part ways. He – has an acquired taste, I draw the line at Alan Parsons project. He slips out the door when I put on a rocking chant like om namo bhagavate vasu de vaya However it seems we have found unity in our mutal appreciation for Lucas Nelson & the promise of the real. Which has been playing repeat on vinyl, since gifted a couple of days ago.

These talented guys, live up to their name, earning the upmost respect for singing about a garden in our humble opinion, as there is nothing more real than growing food. You know they are real deal rock n rollers, when you want to listen to a song about a garden, often and loud. Lucas Nelson & POTR are not newcomers to the magic that is making music which speaks up about the serious stuff, in a way that doesn’t dampen the good vibes. Having spent much time learning this craft playing with one of the best there is – Neil Young. In particular on the Monsanto Album one can’t help but think that perhaps Neil will die a happy man knowing this craft is in good hands.

As parents, we can rest a little easier knowing that the 12 year old’ musical exposure is a little more refined toward lyrics of substance, easily understood and to the point, accompanied by awesome tunes. As we subtly attempt to replace AC/DC’s “I shook you all night long” out of the repertoire. After all there is something unsettling hearing a young lad singing those lines eh?

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