Turn off the news & build a garden

“Turn off the news and build a garden. Just my neighbourhood and me. We might feel a bit less hardened. we might feel a bit more free. Turn off the news and raise your kids. Give them something to believe in. Teach them how to be good people. Give them…

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A bounty of bees

I was at the 1/4 acre today, weeding vege beds planting out strawberry runners. mulching, weeding, and generally just giving the garden a tidy up during the dark moon phase. The pollinators where busy, busy, busy, bumbles, bees and flies all in this little 1 square metre patch, which makes…

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Why a food forest?


Creatingorganic.space is a reflection of what we have identified as important in our lives. Ultimately we aim to do our best, and our best is directed in ways to transcend disease, dependency, disharmony.  States of being we strive to move away from in favour for returning to routines, work and…

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