Advancing Bitcoin to meet Affordable housing needs

Creating a new way of living for people who are looking for a way to live off the grid, without too much overhead in rent and looking to share a space with a similar minded community.

Take a large block of land and build a central space, a hall with kitchen, “function centre,” workshop, toilets and showers. Set among gardens and pools and water ways are a bunch of yurts, round houses, tiny houses on trailers, caravans. A place for people to co-habitate a space as a functional community. For people who want to live in this way.

It could be that there is a token used in the rental agreement from the people who are living there, to contribute to the land purchase and to contribute to the buildings and infrastructure that is required in this space.  No vehicles on site, separate car parking space with EV charging station.

Running off solar and wind generation, remote internet. Natural pools and wetlands, greenhouses, and permaculture facility.  Space for the people of the Upper Clutha that have had enough of chasing the money and need to rest and live without the pressure of mortgage and high rental fees.

This is not a intentional community, this is a grounded place to live if you are in the area, as a long term rental arrangement. Also it is a showing of investment from a global community. Crypto enthusiests can trade the token with ease of knowing that it is backed by a solid community of people that are using it.

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