Land ownership – a strange concept for first time land owners

Tim & Children

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Honestly, the purchase of a 1/4 acre section was odd. To think that we pay x amount of money to “own” 1000 sqf of nature seems counter intuitive to how we should be living on this earth. It’s odd, and will continue to be odd, until such a time that humanity decides we no longer use nature and in particular land to create inequality, division and debt slavery.

A brief insight into our lofty ideals, which at the heart of it, are about supporting solutions to reverse engineer the absurd way our society functions. Ideals which lend a picture as to why the purchase of this land is somewhat hypocritical to how  we strive daily to participate in the world in ways that are not rooted in exploitation or consumerism.

However the alternatives to access shelter and land outside of the current model of land “ownership” at this point do not exsist in Aotearoa. Renting is no longer a steady viable option due to inflated rental prices and scarcity. 1/4 acre social housing also as scarce as hens teeth, sold for capital gain to squeeze folks into apartment living, a remedy to urban sprawl, but thats happening anyway.

While society is bus-i-ness as usual, maintianing the systems, and questionable practices which create the always ongoing crisis of homelessness and relative poverty, at the other end of the spectrum, ownership of  land & homes continues to be an accepted model to accrue wealth.  Encouraging an unhealthy hoarding & ownership mentality of  land & nature.

Everyday the hefty resources required to own a home increase due to the smothering globalist structures we currently operate under in this country. Structures which are designed to penalise those with limited resources or a consciousness that is not material while rewarding those who have more and are materially minded.

I grew up as child in a nation that rewarded resilience, our n8 wire attitude born from the ability to be resourceful and creative. As an adult I have seen the divergence of these qualities in favour of a dreary and dull conformity,  our nations ability to create, build and live how we want, stifled by  the globalists.

With  other issues surfacing within our communities; national roll out of water chlorination of our perfectly fine, UV treated water, unknown health  effect of 4G/5G radiation beaming throughout the country, increased centralisation of local & national governance putting a huge distance between the people and democractic decision making.   It was time to for some kind of action, that centered around no longer supporting the societal models that moved us further away from health & happiness.

The odds really seemed to be stacked against us,  not only as a family that is not well-adjusted to the current models & structures of governance. We also fall into the box of those that don’t have the resources to build or own a home at the  government affordable housing benchmark of 4/600,000$. Nor did we want to enter into that kind of debt burden.

We live in  New Zealand’s most expensive region, in the middle of a property bubble that is returning ludicrous capital gains, speculators & overseas buyers flocking to take advantage of the country’s lax property investment law, and a large gap between cost of living and earnings.  The vision to build an affordable home that tapped into the  do-it-yourself-kiwi DNA started looking a bit dim.

Yet, by an act of grace, a reasonably priced 1000sqm of nature become available.  After an intense year and half of searching, at a time when we had surrended to the idea, that  it just wasn’t our time, an opportunity presented itself, that met our values. This experience proved to us that with – clarity, will, and a truck load of persaverance, a vision held will materialise.

Acquisition of the 1/4 acre, met our moral compass – we bought from legitimate local sellers, privately, (no agents). Our values meant that we could not support the conformity of developer-led growth, designed for profit, not valuable connection to the land or neighbour. Sub-divisions that belonged somewhere back in the 50’s sustain a huge consumption  of toxic building materials, mass waste, add increasing pressure on delicate centralised waste infrastructure, all the while manipulate land prices.

Our direction was to  work with solutions such as restoring natural ecosystems,  protecting productive agricultural lands and ecologically sensitive areas from the negative impacts of development. Equally important was the ability to be creative, build with natural materials and to use less material than a convential new build of the same size, and to have the ability to  become self sufficient,  not only in food production, but in  how we manage our waste.

In some ways our story feels a little entitled, – we had been graced with a little luck – yet with this comes a huge responsibility.  Mostly entrenched in the reality, that we have to fight the current system to create organic space, when in truth, this is our natural state in the first place.     For all our lament about natural living the fact remains that we have to challenge really absurd practices tied into human conditioning arisen from unhealthy patterns woven through our history. This is where it gets hard.

Patterns like those that stem from land ownership. Patterns that are so deeply ingrained in our society that they are acceptable even though they create  qualities in humanity that are the anithesis of happiness and peace – inequality, hoarding, division, entitlment, elitism & greed.  To then realise that these patterns have been designed specifically for those reasons.

We could not have predicted that in our vision to create our future, we   would be called to face our past. Insights revealed from learning our history  have  become an integral element to weaving  new stories that uplift and change for the better.

We realise that our moral compass will surely bring its share of challenges which we will endevour to find sensible solutions to. We hope our story will be of  benefit, as we embark on a  return to our natural state of being. Organic & natural.


Carmen & Tim




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