Wood – chopping, stacking & drying

We love chopping wood, with this most primitive of chore, Tim & I have common ground. The union of Man provider & Woman nurturer, centered around the ancient relationship to fire. This work makes us stronger. Stronger not just physically but in the way it demands a state of pure…

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Earthy shit – The humble practice of composting

Composting our poo & wee is largely about self-responsibility. Our choice to use composting systems for our build was simple. In terms of the environment our choice to compost alleviates dependency on an ever increasing demand for council infrastructure, which still use archaic systems of wastewater management. That rely on…

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Building a Roundhouse in New Zealand


Our roundhouse design is complete! Designed as an alternative solution to New Zealand code, although designed to code (the joy of bureaucracy) which took around 8 months, longer than anticipated. The adage to always allow extra time & money when building is certainly true, in our case delays were not…

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Turn off the news & build a garden

“Turn off the news and build a garden. Just my neighbourhood and me. We might feel a bit less hardened. we might feel a bit more free. Turn off the news and raise your kids. Give them something to believe in. Teach them how to be good people. Give them…

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A bounty of bees

I was at the 1/4 acre today, weeding vege beds planting out strawberry runners. mulching, weeding, and generally just giving the garden a tidy up during the dark moon phase. The pollinators where busy, busy, busy, bumbles, bees and flies all in this little 1 square metre patch, which makes…

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Why a food forest?


Creatingorganic.space is a reflection of what we have identified as important in our lives. Ultimately we aim to do our best, and our best is directed in ways to transcend disease, dependency, disharmony.¬† States of being we strive to move away from in favour for returning to routines, work and…

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Moving forward – with an “affordable home”

Finally,¬† after what seemed like insurmountable valleys limiting our ability to move forward with the design stage of our home, we reached the peak. Working alongside an engineer and a pragmatic creative daughtsman thrilled to be designing an alternative solution. We are required to use a structural engineer and¬† Geo-tech…

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Challenges ahead

Our 15 year old Jaia Yurt is up. Unfortunately we couldn’t get it to an ideal standard to house our family over winter.¬† In the meantime we enjoy staying over in the weekends, each time learning more about the place we call home and how to live here as low…

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Building a home – more than a destination


While the opportunity to build a home could be viewed as the intended outcome. Unbeknown to us, when the winds of change moved us in the direction to self build a home¬† we were taken on a journey, beyond its original intention. Our vision, became¬† a vehicle to¬† forge new…

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